This is a message to any and all contributors that come onto this wiki. As you may have seen, I'm starting to edit and generally clean this place up in preperation for it to be adopted by me. By this, I will place a request on the Community Central forums to ask for Bureacrat rights on this wiki. With these rights I will be able to turn the place around and edit a lot more specific things than I can now, i.e, changing the theme and the layout of pages.

For now, I can only edit for these next couple of days, and then I will gone until September, during this hiatus I will not be able to access the internet and edit here. What I'd like people to do is comment on this blog with ideas, objections, proposals or anything. If you want to contribute here, then comment. When I get back I'll be sure to read through any suggestions if I get any (hopefully).

If anyone is reading this, then please, please comment or send me a message on my talk page. Thank you.